Mars Planet: working to the human exploration of Mars

Mars Planet is an international active organization with headquarters in Italy whose objective is to promote the research and the industrial application related to the human exploration of Mars and Space. Mars Planet is the Italian Chapter of the Mars Society. To accomplish its scope Mars Planet develops technologies which can be applied both in Space and not-Space industry.

A special activity of Mars Planet is to involve small, medium and big  enterprises in the research related to the exploration of Mars, to suport the creation of a new economy based on the human colonization of the space.

This new economy,  to which are  working many organizations and companies in the world, will be helpful in a next future to solve some of the most important economic and techlogical challenges of the human kind on Earth.

Mars Planet develops its activity also by means of a cooperation with other Space and not-space organizations and companies.

Our team is composed of Space Scientists, research experts and everyone who is interested to bring forward our projects.

Information on our team composition are available here: About Us

MARS CITY is the main project of MARS PLANET and its scope is to build a research center  with included a Mars Simulation Area  to develop technologies related to robotics, Virtual / Augmented reality, software engineering, telecommunication, materials, energy, life support systems, space research and education.

The technologies developed at Mars City will be used to support the human exploration of Mars/Space and to deliver high tech solutions in many industrial and not industrial sectors on Earth.

If you like our ideas, please contact us and support us:

(by the way our Motto is  Think Beyond your Planet!)

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