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Improving Food Security Through Capacity Building
Food security – the consistent availability and affordability of food – is a basic human need, yet it remains elusive for billions of people around the world. In Southeast Asia, rising temperatures, increasingly variable weather, and low water levels along the Mekong River threaten livelihoods and food production. This data is the ultimate tool in... Read more
NASA’s Perseverance Plans Next Sample Attempt
This week, a tool on the rover’s 7-foot-long robotic arm will abrade the surface of a rock nicknamed «Rochette,» allowing scientists to look inside and determine whether they want to capture a sample with the rover’s coring bit. Slightly thicker than a pencil, the sample would be sealed in one of the... Read more
Will it be safe for humans to fly to Mars?
Answering two key questions would go a long way toward overcoming that hurdle: Would particle radiation pose too grave a threat to human life throughout a round trip to the red planet? And, could the very timing of a mission to Mars help shield astronauts and the spacecraft from... Read more
China’s Mars rover Zhurong completes primary mission, gets life extension
China’s Zhurong rover has completed its primary three-month-long expedition on Mars but is set to continue exploring the Red Planet. Zhurong completed its 90-sol mission in Mars’ Utopia Planitia on Aug. Zhurong will continue to cross this area, which is thought to be below the shoreline of an ancient... Read more
NASA is Recruiting for Yearlong Simulated Mars Mission
NASA is seeking applicants for participation as a crew member during the first one-year analog mission in a habitat to simulate life on a distant world, set to begin in Fall 2022. As NASA ventures farther into the cosmos, the astronaut experience will change. In preparation for the real-life... Read more
Support team at SMOPS mission
Analogue astronaut missions require strong organisation and planning.The SMOPS mission involves several people in different fields and activities: . Support organisation and management : Federico Monaco, Paolo Guardabasso and Vittorio Netti, with Mars Planet. . Experiment support and crew activities : Anna Nelson, Laura Sopegno, Guillaume Thirion. . Outreach... Read more
Marsquakes reveal Red Planet has surprisingly large core, thin crust
Quakes on Mars have unveiled its interior to an unprecedented degree, revealing surprising details about the Red Planet’s crust, mantle and core. Measurements taken by NASA’s InSight lander have uncovered details, including a crustal layer that varies dramatically from previous understanding, a mantle less dense than the surface and... Read more
The importance of the analogue  research
Space missions are fundamental for technological, scientific and social advancement of humans 🚀🛰️ Analogue research helps us identify the challenges and test potential solutions for planetary exploration, never forgetting Earth applications 🌍 Analogue sites and stations bring people together, and fuel our desire to search and discover. 🔭🔬 Check... Read more
The importance of Space Medicine
The Space Medicine Operations (SMOPS) #analogue mission, organised by Mars Planet, will take several experiments and technologies to the The Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station this November. The mission is mainly focused on future astronauts’ #health monitoring, and on #technologies that could support their activities in remote locations... Read more
Virgin Galactic : The Space Tourism starts