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TECH NEWS 5 September 2019 0

    NASA is recruiting help from students nationwide to find a name for its next Mars rover mission. Starting Tuesday, K-12 students in U.S. public, private and home schools can enter the Mars 2020 Name the Rover essay contest. One grand prize winner will name the rover and... Read more

TECH NEWS 30 July 2019 0

The first round-trip to the Red Planet will see a European orbiter bringing martian samples back to Earth. ESA is opening the door to industry to build the spacecraft that will deliver the precious rocks, dust and gas from Mars – the key to understanding whether life ever existed... Read more
Israel Lander Towards Moon
Falcon 9 of Space-X  will be be launced with on board the Israel Lander “Beresheet”  developed by the private company SpaceIL. The lander has as destination the Moon Surface and with this mission Israel will become the 4th Nation to send a lander on Moon, after USA, RUSSIA and... Read more
Japanese Space Probe collets samples from Asteroid
At 320 Ml Km from our planet  the Japanese Space Probe  Hayabusa-2 collets a sample from Ryugu Asteroid. The sample will be carried bach on Earth to study its structure and composition. Read more
The first seeds on Moon
China’s  Chang’e-4 mission demonstrates the possibility to farm vegetables on an external planetary body. Read more
The prototype of Starship is ready
Elon Musk of Spacex announcing the prototype of Starship.  The prototype more little than the actual Starship will be used as testbed for the development of the technology for the human exploration of Moon /Mars/ Space. Read more
Mars Aquaponic Rotary System (M.A.R.S.) Project
  The project was developed in collaboration with the University of Bergamo. The assigned task concerned the design of a greenhouse for Mars colonization. We started from an existing project based on a room containing shelves supporting vases with plants. Not satisfied from the innovative point of view, we... Read more
A Mars Planet Students project: A Mid-ranger rover for Mars
The project was developed in collaboration with Università degli studi di Bergamo. The task we were given was to design a mid-range rover to be used in the colonization project of Mars. Requirements: maximum speed at least 25 km/h; capacity to overcome 50cm height obstacle; capacity to go through... Read more
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Mars
How to simulate a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Mars? The  MigroG laboratory (Porto Alegre/RS, Brasil) lead by Prof. Thais Russomano, member of  the Steering Committee of Mars Planet,  is testing a new method for the simulation of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Mars. Since the first human outposts on Mars will be... Read more