Report SMOPS

Final Report of the SMOPS mission on line

After some time the public report of the smops mission is finally online: In the report we describe the main experiments carried out during the mission. Thanks to our SMOPS crew, to make it possible: Vittorio Netti,Paolo Guardabasso, Luca Rossettini, Nadia Maarouf, PhD, Simone Paternostro, Benjamin Pothier, Ph.D #spacesimulation #spaceexploration #spacetechnology

Mars Antenna


The Mars Antenna, a project developed in partnership with D-ORBIT ( is ready for a new experiment. After having tested the antenna in the SMOPS ( mission, and having been further upgraded, it will soon be used in an experiment in Italy. Thanks to the SMOPS crew: Luca Rossettini D-orbit CEO , Vittorio Netti, Paolo Guardabasso, Nadia Maarouf, PhD , Simone Paternostro, Benjamin Pothier,…


Another step in the development of Seriana Space Valley. We organize 21 March 11.00 am CET a webinar of the introduction of the project.   Our webinar will cover: Seriana Space Valley Mission: Vision and objectives for new horizons in the space industry. Opportunity Size: The potential and outlook in the space sector, and how…

Sustaianble Space Architecture

Sustainable Space Architecture: Designing a Greener Future Beyond Earth

As humanity’s exploration of outer space continues to advance, the importance of sustainability in space architecture becomes increasingly evident. Just as we strive to minimize our environmental impact on Earth, the principles of sustainability are crucial in designing habitats and infrastructure for our ventures beyond our home planet. This post delves into the concept of…