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A Mars Greenhouse in VR
We have completed the production of a new Mars Station with a Greenhouse in VR. Read more
Second number of The Mars Planet Report
The second number of our Mars Planet Report (in Italian only) is on line. You can download directly from our website: Read more
The MARS TO EARTH 2020 conference is online 15th January. Registration on We are setting up a nice list of Speakers. The deadline for the submission of students project for the Mars To Earth Award is 15th January. Submission of projects here. Read more
Nasa, c’è acqua sulla Luna: ecco dove è stata trovata e come
La rivista Nature Astronomy ha pubblicato un nuovo studio, coordinato dalla Nasa,sulla scoperta di molecole di acqua sulla superficie lunare. Il telescopio Sofia, un aereo Boeing 747SP modificato, consente agli astronomi di studiare il sistema solare e ha risolto il mistero analizzando lo spettro della Luna a una lunghezza d’onda di 6 micrometri... Read more
23rd Annual International Mars Society Convention
Few days to start the 23rd Annual International Mars Society Convention-Thursday-Sunday, October 15-18, 2020 Read more
New Marsis data discover  multiple subglacial water bodies below south polo of Mars
A study lead by Italian Scientists published on Nature Astronomy has identified a network of saltwater lakes under the south pole of Mars. The result obtained analyzing data of a region with an area of 250×300 km seems to push to consider as a normal condition the existence of... Read more
Mars-ExoS:  an Exoskeleton for Mars / Moon
We start a new project with a new prototype : Mars-ExoS, an Exoskeleton to study and support the walking of astronauts on Mars /Moon. Read more
We launch the crew selection for our SMOPS mission (24 April-8 MAY 2021) at MDRS. Form to be filled on Read more
First number of Mars Planet Report
We have produced the first number of our Mars Planet Report: a free and short report on our activities and on Mars News (In Italian only). The Report can be downloaded here. Read more