Italian Mars Society
Mars University Tour: 6th-10th May
We are preparing the Mars University Tour  from 6th to 10th May: A series of talks in some Universities and Research Centres in Italy  to discuss about the Human Exploration of Mars. Special Guest  Robert Zubrin. Read more
End of Opportunity Mission
After  15 years of service   Opportunity rover on Mars stops his mission. Nasa announcing the completion of its mission. After a dust storm in June 2018  the sun radiation has no more reached the solar panesl of the rover. The battery level has dropped and it has no more... Read more
Vytah conference – Bratislava – Slovakia – 20 March 2019
An interesting conference on Space   The Vytah  Conference 20 March 2019 : We are part of this in a series of talks on Mars Exploration. Read more
Europen Rover Challenge 2019
European Rover Challenge is organized this year in Kielce, Poland  13th-15 September 2019. Further information on Read more
Announcing  Mars To Earth Conference :  11-12 April 2019
We organize the second edition of the Mars To Earth  Conference,, at  Pirelli skyscraper, Milan  11-12 April 2019. The conference includes  the Mars To Earth Award,  a prize for students in two categories, for the best Mars project and the best  Mars/ space apps. Abstracts and posters submission... Read more
China’s Chang’e-4 mission starts on Moon
This China’s Chang’e-4 mission is the first  mission on Moon after many years.  With that the Chinese space organization  has demonstrated  to make a serious effort  to push for the human exploration of Space.   Read more
Winter on Mars on Korolev crater
ESA   supplies pictures of  Koralve crater on Mars with clear evidence of an ice bacin located  in the crater.  The pictures are taken by the  High Resolution Stereo Camera, HRSC,  collected in different years. Korolev crater glacier has a thickness of about 2 km. Who knows if one day human... Read more
Course on Python programming for Mars Robotics
We teach the second course on Python programminig for Mars robotics to the schools of robotics ( in Italy. Read more
Caltech study confirms oxygen in water on Mars
Caltech study  confirms oxygen in water on Mars. On Nature Geoscience  a new study highlights  the  solubility of O2 in brines under Martian near-surface conditions. Higher concetrations of O2  are foreseen in polar regions. The study suggest that there can be near-surface environments on Mars with sufficient O2 available for  aerobic microbes to breathe.... Read more
Partecipation at IAC 2018
A huge stuff for human exploration of Mars at Iac 2018 in Bremen. We have been part of that presenting our research work and our technlogy. Read more