Mars Planet Technology

Space Readiness Level

Enter the Space Economy

Racommended for: all those who want to seize the opportunities of the space economy.

The Space Readiness Levels (SRLs) wants to be a support tool to help to make “the giant leap” into the Space Economy. The program starts with assessing a company’s potential for opportunities in the space sector. It ends with structuring a clear and detailed action plan, including strategy, budgets, and timings, which defines the steps necessary to take action in the market, providing its projects, products, or services.

The Space Readiness Levels is business-oriented and goes through 3+1 phases, each of which is defined on parameters, standards, and interpretative models applied to the specific characteristics of the company:


Preliminary phase

General discussion and acquisition of preliminary information. This phase involves a macroscopic analysis and an initial brainstorming to evaluate which of the company values (know-how, structures, resources, etc.) have the most significant potential in the space sector’s structures and models.


Information acquisition

Administration of forms for data and information collection, collection, and analysis. This activity is crucial to have a clear picture of the “state of the art” to confirm the preliminary assessment and identify more precisely which aspects to focus on.



The Space Readiness Level (SRL) is a metric/systematic measurement system that supports the assessments of a company’s maturity to enter the space market, which identifies how far a company is from the economic opportunities of the space economy.


Action plan and discussion

Once the results of the previous phases have been collected, the action plan is presented, including the evaluation of opportunities, objectives, times, and resources. After the presentation, during a second brainstorming, the team stimulate new ideas and bring the plan into a major focus, possibly identifying non-aspects considered during Phase 1.