Mars Planet Technologies: working to the human exploration of Mars

Mars Planet Technologies is a company with headquarters in Italy which promotes the research industrial applications connected to the human exploration of Mars and space. Born in 2004 as Italian chapter of the Mars Society it develops technologies particularly linked Space Architecture applicable both in space industry and in other sectors.

Mars Planet Technologies actively engages with small, medium and big enterprises in research related to Mars /Space exploration to support the creation of a new economy based on human space colonization.  A number of organizations and companies all over the world are contributing to this new economy, which will help solving some of the most important economic, social and technological challenges of today.

Mars Planet cooperates with other organizations and companies working in the space sector and beyond. In our team there are space scientists, researchers and everyone who is interested in contributing to our projects.

One of main project of Mars Planet Technologies is the construction of a research center called Mars City ( This research center will include a Mars Simulation Area, a space dedicated to the development of technologies for robotics, virtual and augmented reality, software engineering, telecommunication, materials, energy and life support systems, as well as to scientific research and education.

The type of technologies foreseen at Mars City will support space and Mars human exploration and will offer state-of-the-art solutions to many industrial and non-industrial sectors on Earth.

Mars Planet Technologies offers a consulting program called SRL (Space Readiness Level)  to the newcomers of the Space sector to help them to catch the opportunities of the new Space Economy.

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Think beyond your planet!”

The Board

Eugenio Sorrentino


Eugenio has a deep knowledge of the space sector both in Italy and abroad.He has been the project manager of the Megsat Space Division, an Italian company that
specialized in the development and launch of privat satellites. He is currently deputy President of the Italian Association of Scientific Journalists.

Antonio del Mastro

Technical Director

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer with a long experience in the design, risk analysis techniques and certification of devices and systems in Space and
not-Space industry. He is currently president of Mars Planet founded in 2004, as Italian chapter of the International Mars Society. His main areas of research interest are related to space medicine, robotics, virtual reality, and space economy.

Luca Gugliermetti

Nuclear Engineer, PhD in Energy & Environment, author of more than 64 papers on conferences and international journals. Expert of thermal management systems, ECLSS, VR/AR
applications for cultural heritage, nuclear radiation, microelectronics and mechanical manufacturing. Currently Postdoc at “Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development” (ENEA).

Vittorio Netti

Vittorio Netti is a Space Architect and Phd candidate at SICSA | University of Huston. Vittorio has a deep knowledge of the main  areas of reserarch related  to Space Architecture and manufacturing in space. He is Space Architecture Coordinator of Mars Planet Technologies. In this role he is responsible for the management of space architecture projects, development of industrial activities related to space architecture and coordination of our e-learning programs on space architecture and design.

Marcello Coradini

Marcello Coradiini

Professor of Space Systems at the University of Genoa and Trento; he works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena as a representative of ESA, carrying out advanced research on Martian hydrology. With the European Space Agency he has contributed to several missions including SOHO, Cluster, Huygens / Cassini, Mars Express, Venus Express, Rosetta.

Enrico Flamini

Enrico Flamini

Currently professor at University Chieti-Pescara “G. D’Annunzio”, Geology and Engineering Department , tenure of the course “Solar System exploration”. Until 2018 Enrico has been Scientific Director of Italian Space Agency, program manager for the Italian partecipation to the ESA Mars Express mission and to NASA MRO, principal investigator of the SIMBIO-SYS experiment on the BepiColombo ESA mission and ESA research Fellow at University of Sussex.

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