Italian Mars Society

Image Thanks NASA (ISS045E011575 from 09/12/2015)

Image Thanks NASA (ISS045E011575 from 09/12/2015)

Mars Planet is a private research institute that aims at achieving innovation for Earth and Space through research in the following fields:

Human factors for Space: usability research, psychology, ergonomics, habitability, human-machine     interaction, user-centred design

Medicine: Human factors, rehabilitation, telemedicine, human physiology, biology

Resource: In-situ resource utilisation, energy, food and plant production, simulation on Earth, Mars / Moon     analogs, materials, space architecture

Robotics: Autonomous rovers; robotics for exploration, inspection, assistance

Social studies for Space: Study of social communities, social development, social structure

Telecommunications: Satellite telecommunications, remote sensing

Virtual Reality / Augmented reality: Virtual training and simulation in Space, VR/AR application for     medicine, safety checks, maintenance, inspection in industry.


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