Mars Planet Technology

Image Thanks NASA (ISS045E011575 from 09/12/2015)

Image Thanks NASA (ISS045E011575 from 09/12/2015)

Mars Planet is a private research institute that aims at achieving innovation for Earth and Space through research in the following fields:

Human factors for Space: usability research, psychology, ergonomics, habitability, human-machine     interaction, user-centred design

Medicine: Human factors, rehabilitation, telemedicine, human physiology, biology

Resource: In-situ resource utilisation, energy, food and plant production, simulation on Earth, Mars / Moon     analogs, materials, space architecture

Robotics: Autonomous rovers; robotics for exploration, inspection, assistance

Social studies for Space: Study of social communities, social development, social structure

Telecommunications: Satellite telecommunications, remote sensing

Virtual Reality / Augmented reality: Virtual training and simulation in Space, VR/AR application for     medicine, safety checks, maintenance, inspection in industry.

– Space Architecture: Study, Design, engineering of Space habitats.

– Space Economy and Space Law: Investigation of the opportunities of the Space Economy / New Space and analysis of the Impact of the Space Law on the human exploration of space.


Some of our recent scientific publications:

[8] A method for analog space missions risk analysis. A. Del Mastro, Jean Marc Salotti, Giovanni Garofalo, Journal of Space Safety Engineering, Feb. 2022,

[7] Simulating Gagarin’s gaze: the charm of a digital Earth for a sustainable planet. Federico Monaco, Eugene Eremchenko, Antonio Del Mastro, Josef Strobl, Antonio Del Mastro, Anna Nelson. International Astronautical Congress IAC-21,B1,1,5,x66398

[6] Sustainable development: understanding the least resource base, Eugene Eremchenko, Vladimir Tikunov, Josef Strobl, Antonio Del Mastro, Monaco Federico, Geography Environment Sustainability 14(1): 25-32, DOI:10.24057/2071-9388-2020-119

[5] Space Readiness Levels: A parameter to help to introduce traditional companies in the Space economy. Antonio Del Mastro, Federico Monaco, GLEX-2021,7,5,1,X63146.

[4] Digital Health Earth: towards global healthcare management geolocating human health condition by means of space technology, Antonio Del Mastro, Federico Monaco, Eugene Nikolaevich Eremchenko, Anna Nelson, Geocontext, Vol. 8 N°1 (2020).

[3] A multi-user virtual reality experience for space missions. Journal of Space Safety Engineering, JSSE_2019_4R1.

[2] Virtual Reality to Simulate an Inflatable Modular Hydroponics Greenhouse on Mars, Francesca Bruno, Alessandro Ceriani, Zhang Zhan, Giandomenico Caruso, Antonio Del Mastro, ASME 2020 International Design Engineering Technical Conference and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, August 17-19, 2020.

[1] Deep Space Learning-Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) for Interplanetary communities of practices, Monaco, Del Mastro, 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC-19, D5,2,5,x52937).

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