DHE is a research concept introduced by Mars Planet as a modification of the classical concept of Digital Earth introduced by Al Gore in 1998.

With DHE we want to investigate the use of Space Technology as support to the health of humans and the environment.

Our effort is to let Digital Health Earth become a new structured area of research to produce benefits in different 

domains of human health management. Digital Health Earth should include at least the following sub-domains:

  1. Visualization of health data both in 2D, 3D and virtual/augmented reality format.
  2. Geolocalization of patients.
  3. Visualization of environmental data which can have an effect on human health.
  4. Supply Services for public and private healthcare.
  5. Monitoring of population flux and related diseases, epidemics.
  6. Integration with available satellite and space technology for the purpose of human health management.
  7. Global scenarios for simulation based on data-driven public health and statistics about medicine, surgery and healthcare interventions.
  8. 3D Healthcare literacy and dissemination of data for education, training and information to the public.
  9. Design of the technology to support any of the Digital Health Earth applications.


Reference paper:

“Digital Health Earth” : towards a global healthcare management geolocating human health condition by means of space technology: