Technologies for SDGs

Food security – the consistent availability and affordability of food – is a basic human need, yet it remains elusive for billions of people around the world. In Southeast Asia, rising temperatures, increasingly variable weather, and low water levels along the Mekong River threaten livelihoods and food production. This data is the ultimate tool in building capacity within food systems – and is often the difference between anticipating drought with enough time to prepare or losing crops to lack of water. Because each region’s infrastructure and challenges are unique, the trickier task is getting relevant data into the hands of the people who need it and in a way that is easily accessible.

A joint NASA-USAID initiative called SERVIR is paving the way to do just that. In addition to this expertise, SERVIR partners with leading regional organizations around the world to meet specific needs. SERVIR works in more than 50 countries through five regional hubs.

Credit NASA

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