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Parabolic and near Zero-G experience


ECSEC provides a holistic experience to any individual or groups such as researchers and educators in parabolic and near Zero-G flying enabling them to understand how to leverage towards space flying – each to their own benefit.

Flying can provide excellent preparation for the conditions experienced in space flight such as:

Confined cockpit space, Quick decision making, Visual and audio stimulation, G-Tolerance.

The Mars Globe


Produced in collaboration with NASA and the US Geological Survey, the globe include the official names of 140 names Martians. The globe includes a 16-page booklet on the surface of Mars written by Michael Carr of the US Geological Survey. For years, Carr is a great expert on the history and geology of Mars. Now this book has been updated by prof. Carr himself.

The Mars Topography


Explore the Red Planet’s highest volcanoes, largest impact basins, and deepest canyons with this updated 12-inch-diameter topographic globe of Mars. Derived from millions of laser-altimeter measurements by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor orbiter, this data set has revolutionized our understanding of Martian geology. Elevations are color-coded for easy identification, and more than 150 surface features are labeled with their official names. This updated globe includes the landing sites for the Spirit, Opportunity, Phoenix, and Curiosity rovers.