The Inflatable Mars


A stunning inflatable replica of the Mars at a giant diameter. Fill the globe with helium and watch it float or fill with air and suspend it. The mars imagery was compiled from a global mosaic of 15,000 images spanning the entire surface of the moon. The inflatable presents a unique view of the moon in incredible detail clearly depicting highlands, maria, valleys, and every crater on the Mars surface.

Construction from durable 18 mil thick PVC vinyl makes this globe suitable for outdoor use or as a display in a public area. Also ideal for educational use, astronomy events, promotional displays, or any space-related event theme. Use these moon globes to promote your tradeshow booth or sales display as an excellent cost-effective alternative to our custom globe balloons. Floats in mid-air when filled with helium, or stands proudly 7′ tall if filled with air. Included lines can be attached to anchor points around the bottom or you can suspend it from the reinforced metal d-ring at the top of the globe.



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