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First picture of Ganymede by Juno
Nasa’s Juno spacecraft sent the first picture of Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede. Read more
NASA’s Perseverance Captures Video, Audio of Fourth Ingenuity Flight
For the first time, a spacecraft on another planet has recorded the sounds of a separate spacecraft. A new video combines footage of the solar-powered helicopter taken by Perseverance’s Mastcam-Z imager with audio from a microphone belonging to the rover’s SuperCam laser instrument.The instrument’s microphone records the sounds of those laser... Read more
NASA’s Perseverance Rover Just Turned Martian CO2 Into Oxygen
A toaster-sized scientific instrument attached to NASA’s Perseverance rover just sucked up a bit of carbon dioxide from the surrounding Martian atmosphere and converted it into oxygen. It’s a groundbreaking first that could lead to a future in which space travelers are not only able to generate air to... Read more
NASA’s InSight Mars lander is going into emergency hibernation. If it can’t save its batteries, it could die.
NASA’s $800 million Mars lander is in an energy crisis. InSight, which landed in a Martian plain called Elysium Planitia in 2018, has detected more than 500 Mars quakes, felt more than 10,000 dust devils pass by, and started to measure the planet’s core. But over the past few... Read more
The Golden Box That Could Create Oxygen on Mars
Humanity’s future on Mars may depend on a golden box about the size of a car battery. On February 18, NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars with this box, called MOXIE, nestled in its belly. MOXIE was designed to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen on Mars, and NASA plans... Read more
We introduce you to two members of our mission SMOPS ( at MDRS: Paolo Guardabasso and Benjamin Pothier. Read more
China’s Tianwen-1 enters orbit around Mars
China’s first interplanetary mission, Tianwen-1, successfully entered today Mars orbit. Tianwen-1 will gradually lower its orbit to allow for observations of Mars. It will also begin preparations for the entry, descent and landing attempt of a 240-kilogram solar powered rover, an event expected to take place around May or... Read more
UAE’s ‘Hope’ probe to be first in trio of Mars missions
by marsdaily The first Arab space mission, the UAE’s “Hope” probe, is expected to reach Mars’ orbit on Tuesday, making it the first of three spacecraft to arrive at the Red Planet this month. The United Arab Emirates, China and the United States all launched projects to Mars last... Read more
SpaceX Starship crashes after suborbital flight
A second prototype of SpaceX’s Starship reusable launch vehicle performed a suborbital flight Feb. SpaceX planned to fly the vehicle to an altitude of 10 kilometers before landing on a pad at the test site. The liftoff and ascent of the vehicle went as expected, according to commentary on the SpaceX webcast... Read more
We are all waiting for Perseverance to arrive on Mars
After nearly 300 million miles (470 million kilometers), NASA’s Perseverance rover completes its journey to Mars on Feb. 18, 2021. But, to reach the surface of the Red Planet, it has to survive the harrowing final phase known as Entry, Descent, and LandingThe goal of the Mars Exploration Program... Read more