SpaceX fa “saltare” per un test il suo prossimo missile, Starship
Starship, il nuovo missile con cui SpaceX spera un giorno di portare fino a 100 tonnellate di carico sulla Luna e su Marte, ha “saltato” fino a 150 metri dal suolo per poi atterrare controllando la discesa con i propulsori. Il test “hop” (letteralmente “saltello”) ha segnato un altro successo estivo per l’azienda spaziale americana,... Read more
We launch the crew selection for our SMOPS mission (24 April-8 MAY 2021) at MDRS. Form to be filled on Read more
Astronauts Make First Cement in Space to Support Future Martian Habitats
Concrete made in space could one day help humans build habitats on the moon and Mars , new research shows. As part of a recent investigation aboard the International Space Station, astronauts made cement in microgravity for the first time, showing that it can harden and develop in space.... Read more
Mars in Virtual Reality at Festival del Volo / Expo  in Milan with the new Motivity Treadmill   Read more
Virtual simulation at Amadee – 15
The technical staff of Italian Mars Society has partecipated with success to the mission AMADEE-15 organized by Austrian Space Forum ( at Kaunertal Glacier in Austria. During the Mission the Astronauts of AMADEE-15 have tested the martian simulation technologies V-ERAS developed by Italian Mars Society. solution for google Read more
Martian simulation in Wien
24th and 25th July. Thanks to the cooperation with the colleagues fo Austrian Space forum  ( and to the sponsorship of T-MOBILE Austria (, IMS  has carried out a test of martian simulation by means of MOTIGRAVITY.  People chosen from the audience have had the opportunity to... Read more