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Orion Back home

Orion Back home

Top News 11 December 2022 0

NASA’s Artemis 1 Orion capsule lands in Pacific to end epic moon mission (19) NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV – YouTube Read more
Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft on track for a return to Earth after moon flyby
The uncrewed spacecraft flying on NASA’s Artemis 1 mission passed a major milestone in its mission today (Dec. 5) when it successfully performed a 207-second engine burn while just just 79 miles (128 kilometers) above the lunar surface. The maneuver placed Orion on track to return home, where it will splash... Read more
Webinar con CNA Lombardia
Organizziamo il 5 Dicembre in un’iniziativa congiunta con CNA LOMBARDIA ( il webinar:OPPORTUNITA’ DI BUSINESS E SUBFORNITURA PER LE PMI LOMBARDE NELLA SPACE ECONOMY  Tra i  relatori Anilkumar Dave e Vittorio Netti Un’occasione per avvicinare le PMI ai temi applicativi del settore spaziale.iscrizioni: #spaceeconomy #spacetechnology Read more
Nasa’s Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft performs close moon flyby.
Orion zoomed just 80 miles (130 kilometers) above the lunar surface Monday (Nov. 21) at 7:44 a.m. ET. and completed an engine burn needed to continue its historic mission. Artemis 1’s uncrewed Orion spacecraft has been cruising toward the moon since Wednesday morning (Nov. 16), when it launched atop NASA’s gigantic Space... Read more
Artemis 1 Launch

Artemis 1 Launch

Top News 20 November 2022 0

We hope this will be the beginning of a new era for which so many humans work on this planet. Good Luck Artemis, we are with you. #artemis1#moon#space#spaceexploration Read more
Focus Live 2022

Focus Live 2022

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We are at Focus Live: our VR treadmills: #vr # spacesimulator #spacesimulators #mars #treadmill Read more
Crew-5 Mission Launch! Elon Musk gives an update on SpaceX Crew-5 Mission!
NASA’s Hubble Spots Twin Tails in New Image After DART Impact
wo tails of dust ejected from the Didymos-Dimorphos asteroid system are seen in new images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, documenting the lingering aftermath of NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) impact. The DART spacecraft impacted Dimorphos, a small moonlet of Didymos, on Sept. 26 in a planetary defense test to change... Read more
Extremophile inspired architecture
Sylve Truyman is interested in realistic dreams and habitats in extreme environments, on earth or elsewhere in the solar system.He will inform us about this design concept at our seminar on the 18th of October.Register for the event: Read more
AstroSamanta coming back home
After 170 days aboard the Space Station, Samantha Cristoforetti returns to Earth in a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. Read more