Mars Planet Technology
Misson Press Release: XRAE
Mission Press release: XRAE – Extended Reality Aquarius Experiment A crew of three people, led by SICSA Researcher Vittorio Netti, will be part of the APUS Analog Research Group (AARG) Paired In-situ Research Analog and Technology Evaluation (PIRATE) 1 mission at Aquarius Reef Base in Islamorada, Florida 4th-7th January 2024.... Read more
Historical Day:  India on the moon!
Chandrayaan-3 becomes 1st probe to land near lunar south pole. The Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft touched down softly near the moon‘s south pole today (Aug. 23), notching a huge milestone for the nation. India is now the fourth country to stick a lunar landing, after the United States, the former Soviet Union and China.... Read more
Virgin Galactic’s 1st commercial spaceflight launch live online
Solar power beam to Earth from Space for 1st time Ever
The Space Solar Power Demonstrator’s MAPLE experiment was able to wirelessly transfer collected solar power to receivers in space and direct energy to Earth. A space solar power prototype has demonstrated its ability to wirelessly beam power through space and direct a detectable amount of energy toward Earth for... Read more
Space Safety Coalition
We are now members of Space Safety Coalition Another recognition for our research in Space Safety and Sustainability. #safety #SpaceSustainability #Sustainability Read more
Course on Space Robotics
The course “Introduction to Lunar and Martian Robotics” is on lineat Mars City Academy: With this course you will learn wherever you are all the fundamentals and also more on the design of planetary robotics.Start to build now your robots for space exploration! including the robotsnecessary for the exploration... Read more
Nasa unveils Artemis 2 astronauts
Four for the moon! NASA names Artemis 2 astronaut crew for 1st lunar mission since Apollo. Nasa has named its first astronaut crew bound for the moon in more than 50 years. The Artemis 2 crew includes commander Reid Wiseman, pilot Victor Glover and mission specialists Christina Koch and Jeremy Hansen.... Read more
Seriana Space Valley Initiative
Seriana Valley ( , is a heavily industrialized Valley around our town Bergamo.With a group of local institutions ( Comune Gandino, Casnigo) and industrial partners, we launch the program “Seriana Space Valley” to promote  the development of Space Economy in the entire valley.A first introductory event coming soon: #spaceeconomy #spaceindustry... Read more
Working to Space Architecture Course
Working on the preparation of the Space Architecture Course on Mars City Academy: withValentina SuminiVittorio NettiMarta Rossi A central topic of our research and industrial activity. #architecture #space #spaceexploration #spaceeconomy #research Read more