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Perseverance raccoglie i primi pezzi del suo puzzle marziano
Il rover della NASA Perseverance ha raccolto con successo i primi due campioni di roccia marziana fornendo già agli scienziati la possibilità di elaborare alcune deduzioni sulle caratteristiche della regione del Cratere Jezero. Le analisi su questi due campioni e sui dati del primo tentativo di campionamento dello scorso 6... Read more
Perseverance rover seals up 1st Mars sample for future return to Earth
The car-sized rover sealed a titanium tube containing a drilled-out core of a Red Planet rock on Monday , marking a big milestone for its ambitious mission. If all goes according to plan, Perseverance will collect several dozen more such samples, all of which will be hauled to Earth for analysis a decade or... Read more
NASA’s Perseverance Plans Next Sample Attempt
This week, a tool on the rover’s 7-foot-long robotic arm will abrade the surface of a rock nicknamed «Rochette,» allowing scientists to look inside and determine whether they want to capture a sample with the rover’s coring bit. Slightly thicker than a pencil, the sample would be sealed in one of the... Read more
The importance of the analogue  research
Space missions are fundamental for technological, scientific and social advancement of humans 🚀🛰️ Analogue research helps us identify the challenges and test potential solutions for planetary exploration, never forgetting Earth applications 🌍 Analogue sites and stations bring people together, and fuel our desire to search and discover. 🔭🔬 Check... Read more
The importance of Space Medicine
The Space Medicine Operations (SMOPS) #analogue mission, organised by Mars Planet, will take several experiments and technologies to the The Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station this November. The mission is mainly focused on future astronauts’ #health monitoring, and on #technologies that could support their activities in remote locations... Read more
Virgin Galactic : The Space Tourism starts
First Pictures of the Smops Mission Eperiments! #spaceexploration #spacemedicine #mdrs #simulatemars #italy Read more
D-Orbit ( announces successful launch of another ION Satellite Carrier (ION)
D-Orbit (, an Italian company leader in the space logistics and orbital transportation industry, announced the successful launch of another ION Satellite Carrier (ION), its proprietary orbital transportation vehicle. ION lifted off on June 30th, 2021, at 9:31 pm CEST, atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Space... Read more
Space Readiness Level
With our entity ECSEC we set up a parameter called Space Readiness Level (SRL): it can be assigned to the traditional companies which want to enter Space sector. SRL is supplied with a coding which can be applied specifically also to the exploration of Moon, Mars or other Solar... Read more
Space Architecture webinar
Today 10thJune 21 CET with out entity ECSEC ( we organize an introductive webinar on Space Architetture with @barbara.imhof and @waclavicek Here the link: Free registration. Read more