The time for AMADEE- 18 approachs

In February  2018  our colleagues and partners of Austrian Space Forum  with the Oman Astronomical Society  will conduct an integrated Mars analog field mission in Oman.  The mission will include a big variety of scientific experiments and related public outreach events.  Mars Planet is involved in this mission with an experiment called V(R)ITAGO based on…

ILARIA CINELLI team leader CREW 185 at MDRS

Ilaria Cinelli, bio-engineering studies coordinator  of Mars Planet,  leads  CREW 185  at MDRS from 16th to 31th December. The crew  composed by an international team will focus the mission on about 20 projects on human factors studies, geology, space engineering. Further information on: About the MDRS https: // Tweets by MDRSCrew185

Mars and Space at Campus Party

Campus Party is one of the  greatest technological experience of the world which brings together young geeks in a festival of innovation, creativity, science, entrepreneurship & entertainment. In Milan from 20th to 23th July.  Mars Planet has joined the event with its  virtual station Motivity especially suited with application for Mars Exploration.