International Space Summit in Cyprus 2017
The International Space Summit in Cyprus from 7th to 11th November, organized by Cyprus Spèace  Exploration Organization (CSEO)   has been a very interesting  event  to put  together the knowledge of space scientists of different areas of the Mediterranean region. Read more
20th Mars Society Convention
at  University of California, Irvine from Sptember 7th to 10th it is scheduled the 20th Annual International Mars Society Convention. see the Program here   Read more
Mars and Space at Campus Party
Campus Party is one of the  greatest technological experience of the world which brings together young geeks in a festival of innovation, creativity, science, entrepreneurship & entertainment. In Milan from 20th to 23th July.  Mars Planet has joined the event with its  virtual station Motivity especially suited with application for Mars Exploration. Read more
Mars Planet at Europython  2017
A talk of Mars Planet team on our recent studies on the radiation monitoring related to simulation of human mission to Mars has been given at Europython 2017 in Rimini, Italy. Europython collects the contributes and interest of the Python software developers and Python-based companies in Europe and abroad.... Read more
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Mars
How to simulate a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Mars? The  MigroG laboratory (Porto Alegre/RS, Brasil) lead by Prof. Thais Russomano, member of  the Steering Committee of Mars Planet,  is testing a new method for the simulation of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Mars. Since the first human outposts on Mars will be... Read more
Partecipation to ESA Summer of Code 2017
Mars Planet partecipates to ESA Sommer of Code in Space 2017 with the project: Radiation Exposure Monitoring for a Martian Settlment. The project’s coordinator is Giovanni Bruno, Mars Planet director for Mars phisics studies. Further information on the project here Read more
European Mars Society Conference EMC17 Innsbruck
Our colleagues  of Austrian Space Forum ( Oewf) will organize this year the European Mars Society Conference in Innsbruck, Austria, 22-24 September 2017. For info and registration: Read more
Exploring Mars with Motivity treadmill at Expo Area Milan
The new version of VR Motivity treadmill has been used during the Festival del Volo/ Expo Area Milan. The experience has enabled the exploration of Mars and Space with the software developed by Mars Planet. Read more
Partecipation to Google Summer of Code
Mars Planet partecipates to Google Summer of Code 2017 with 3 projects. Description of the projects  on   Read more
Testing of a new instrument for language analysis. Mars Planet members Alessandro Alcibiade, Francesco Finazzi, Irene Lia Schlacht and Massimiliano Di Capua are working to a new experiment called PSI (Performance and Stress in Isolation) whose scope is to quantify the correlation between language and stress level. The PSI study... Read more